~Create your own tea in a rural village in Tokyo~

~Create your own tea in a rural village in Tokyo~

Imagine you create your own tea and enjoy it. Don't you think it's beautiful? I first experienced making hand made tea at 2018 and I was moved to the taste and the depth of it. Now that it's my life work to tell people how to do it and how much it is fun. Even people who joined the same event never create the same one. It represents your unique characteristics through the way you harvest leaves and process them. 

Now It's time for Autumn color

The high season of tea is May. At the beginning of spring, tea starts sprouting. If you make tea from new shoots, you'll get special tea which is only possible at that time. On the other hand, you can create the other type of tea in autumn or winter. This is Ban-cha. Ban-cha doesn't have noble smell like the one in May, but it contains less caffeine and you may have a lot of cups. Now it's getting colder in Japan and if you have Ban-cha next to you, it may help you. Ban-cha is a sort of green tea that has a longer history than Sen-cha which is the most familiar one in Japan now.

Tea leaves now are different from those of spring

Our workplace is located to the rural area in west part of Tokyo. You may discover totally different Tokyo from what you know. Our main work is lumberjack, we are taking care of woods and forest. At the same time, we set our mission to promote the potential attractions and values in this area to create fun. Tea making is one of them. In this tour we will take you to Hinohara-village, the only village in Tokyo besides some small remote islands. People here have created tea for a long time, but it's not a famous producing area that much. It was rather the tea in their life style than that for industry. They have created their tea for themselves like self-sufficiency. However, depopulation is proceeding in this area and there are no longer a lot of people involved. We started renting and rehabilitating the abandoned tea farm like that. We don't put any pesticides or chemical fertilizers, but the lovely leaves sprout every year.

I'm pruning tea farm
Holding period

In 2022, from Nov25 to Dec18

Check out the calender to see the date available.





Come to JR Musashi-Itsukaichi station. This is the entrance of Akigawa valley. We will take you to our farm by car. If you drive your car, come directly to the parking near the farm. I will let you know the exact location of the parking after reservation.



Harvest tea leaves


Lunch time(Bring your lunch yourself or you can take advantage of the restaurants nearby)


Process Ban-cha


Now it's time to taste!


Goodbye at JR Musashi Itsukaichi station.


What you bring

①Long shirts, Long pants, caps or hats, Shoes that can get dirty
②Lunch, Drink
④Insect repellent



preschool child is for free


※Minimum number of participants are two. You can resereve the tour alone, but if nobody else doesn't, we don't hold the event. Thank you for your understanding in advance.
※We may have to cancel the event due to weather or other reasons.

※Preschool child is for free. Preschool child is not counted to the minimum number of participants.

Neighborhood information

Hinohara Terrace
 3 minutes walk from our tea farm. A fashionable restaurant. So popular that you should resereve it in advance.

Kanoto international trout fishing field
 3 minutes walk from our tea farm. A trout fishing ground with a restaurant.